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We are a multi-faceted appraisal firm with a well-developed national clientele list. We have a stable income stream with potential for significant growth with a qualified staff expansion. We have developed a national expertise in the campground appraisal field. The appraisal industry is in need of Certified General Appraisers especially in the more rural areas of the country. Valhalla Management Services has been providing this expertise in the Wisconsin north-woods for more than 25 years. We are a well-respected and recognized firm that has much to offer to any Certified General Appraiser that does not desire to struggle with years of client development, especially in specialty fields.  If you are a Certified General Appraiser with the following characteristics, you may be the person that we are looking to hire.  

  • Willing to relocate to our office area

  • A person that enjoys the appeal of the Wisconsin north-woods

  • A person with a wide interest in the appraisal field

  • A person that is willing and able to work with and train junior staff members

  • Knowledgeable in, or willing to learn, the intricacies of Business Valuations

  • Looking for a specific niche market as a specialty

  • Looking for an ownership opportunity

  • Have a client and service oriented demeanor

If this profile sounds like you, please send your resume’ through our contact information on this website.  

If you have questions or desire clarifications, please contact us through our website.